Sunday, December 14, 2008

Audi R8 GT3 Tests At The ‘Ring


If the GT3 division gave out points for running the meanest looking car, I bet Audi's R8 would pick up a few extra.

Here's the assumed stats on the GT3 version:

Although it retains the stock suspension, it is now rear wheel drive (AWD isn't allowed by the FIA in the GT3 category); the 4.2L V8 cranks out 500 horsepower.

Now, onto those aero & body tweaks … first off, it looks like they swiped that rear wing from a Cessna. By the looks of it, it mounts directly to a sub-frame under the rear bonnet, but without internal pictures, I'm only guessing (that's sort of a SOP for racing). Big splitter up front of course, and no telling what the under-body treatment is like, although it's probably smooth. Note the big radiator exhaust vent just aft of the nose. That's typical; thermal loading for race cars is always a problem, so Audi is probably moving a lot of air over a much bigger radiator. Those mirrors (stock?) will probably go to be replaced by something smaller, lighter and more aerodynamic.

Looks serious … can't wait to see how it runs in anger.

There's more shot of the beast after the jump.

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