Sunday, December 14, 2008

The first copy of sport coupe Audi R8 has been noticed in Europe

Copies of cars or as them still name – remarks, are amusing cars which give due to perfectly proved models. Remarks Porsche Speedster are an example good to volume. They are made of almost completely original details (with old Volkswagen Beetle), and allow the person to become the owner of an exact copy of the beautiful car for very small money. An another matter when take not especially popular and insufficiently powerful Pontiac Fiero, and try to make its similar on Ferrari. It was not so good idea, as well as in a case with Chrysler, altered in Mercedes 600 SL. The car about which we will tell to you now, undoubtedly, falls under this category. Photos of this Audi R8 have been made somewhere in Europe. While appearance can make impression upon naive maidens, the interior of this miracle on four wheels gives out in it something absolutely incompatible with a high quality German car, namely – a stuffing from Ford Probe. For certain some will consider that such car is a good variant for those who does not presume to itself present Audi R8 but instead of paying nearby $50 000 (in creation of this copy so much has managed) for similar completion, it is better to get present Audi A5. Yes, also do not forget that cost of donor Ford Probe makes $1500. Whether it is necessary to spend for a body of fifty thousand dollars to set up it on the cheap chassis?


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