Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Audi A2. The first information!

German magazine AutoBild assures that in Audi have accepted the final decision - to be to new generation of model А2. And already now it is known that this model will represent not a sports hatchback (this role is prepared А1), and spacious enough car for the dimensions which will resemble more on one volume. At the heart of Audi A2 new generation the wheel platform from following Volkswagen Polo will lie. Under a model cowl there will be modern diesel and petrol motors with a turbo-supercharging, except that, the car in a base complete set will equip with system "stop start" and other devices which help to save fuel. And here of what body Audi A2 of new generation will be made it is not known yet. We will remind that on previous "two" there was an aluminium body, however, the new model can receive the usual steel. Thanks to it it will be possible to lower the cost price of manufacture of the car (the project of first generation А2 has appeared unprofitable that cost of manufacture of the car has appeared too high!


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