Friday, January 23, 2009

Four-door coupe Audi A7 becomes accessible from next year

Any four-door coupe is interesting enough phenomenon. Decades this idea was embodied in company Jaguar sedans, but it became popular after company Mercedes has exhausted a CLS-class. So, company Audi transforms a sedan into a coupe, and we represent you thoughts how the future four-door model with a coupe silhouette – Audi A7 could look. This car should be, is constructed on the basis of architecture A6, and in modelling to a number will take the place between models A6 and A8. The car becomes the big brother to the future sedan A5, and, probably, further will receive the version a cabriolet. The scale of engines will begin about 2,8 l or 3,0 l of the V-shaped 6-cylinder unit and will come to the end with the V-shaped 10-cylinder engine with double turbo-supercharging Twin Turbo which is already used in Italian to superpenalty Lamborghini Gallardo. Sales of the newest A7 will begin next year.


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