Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thinking Small: Audi A1, Q3 and VW Polo

Thinking Small: Audi A1, Q3 and VW Polo - VW, Audi Small Cars Could be Coming to the U.S. - Auto News - Motor Trend
More Small Cars Coming from Volkswagen and Audi, and They All Could be Coming Here

Volkswagen will unveil its new sub-Golf-size Polo small car at the Geneva show in March. Development chief Ulrich Hackenberg recently revealed that VW is considering selling the vehicle in the U.S. It would compete with the Ford Fiesta, which comes to the States in 2010. Hackenberg was eager to point out the growth in this segment in the U.S., although with recent oil price falls and the general economic crash, that growth is stalling temporarily. Hackenberg said it would be no small commitment to sell the car in America. "If we build it in Mexico, we could afford to sell it ."


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