Wednesday, February 18, 2009

O.CT Tuning 'Boehler Concept BS3' Audi S3 evokes Quattro legacy

Rally legend and fearsome street machine are just two of the titles Audi's Quattro earned during its production run in the 1980s. Not built since 1991, and without a suitable analogue in the current Audi lineup, the Swiss tuners at O.CT have taken it upon themselves to turn out an S3 hatchback built to bring some of the Quattro's magic back to life. Starting with the S3, O.CT adds a 'Stage 3' kit, including a new engine control unit (ECU), sport exhaust, intake and an upgraded intercooler to turn out 328hp (245kW) and 314lb-ft (425Nm) of torque.
O.CT Boehler Concept BS3 Audi S3

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