Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Devil Audi wears Prada: German automaker teams up with Italian fashion house

For better or worse, the automotive industry has had its share of partnerships with fashion labels. Eddie Bauer edition Ford SUVs. Nautica edition Mercury minivans. Levi's edition AMCs. Diesel edition Fiats. You get the point. The latest collaboration brings together German automaker Audi and Italian fashion house Prada.
If you're thinking this sounds familiar, that's because just a couple of months ago we reported that Prada had gotten into bed (a very stylish bed, we're sure) with Hyundai and its new Genesis luxury sedan. But apparently Prada has had a change of heart and is now teaming up with Audi. No word yet on where the partnership will take them, beyond joint sponsorship of a sailing yacht, but considering that Audi subsidiary Lamborghini's collaboration with Versace produced special edition Murcielagos and Bugatti a special-edition Veyron with Hermes, we're not discounting anything.
[Source: Inside Line]

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