Friday, February 6, 2009

2007 Audi S8 - Long-Term Road Test

If you accept the idea that cars can suffer a midlife crisis, then we think you’ll agree that the one experienced by our long-term Audi S8 test car was pretty severe.

Here’s the story: With 23,288 miles on the odo, the S8 found itself closely involved in a noisypas de deux with an elderly minivan, a dance from which neither vehicle emerged in running order. It was a classic offset collision. We must mark this down to a judgment error on the part of our pilot, who darted for a left-turn opening that was suddenly occupied by the minivan, which had been screened by a string of large SUVs.

The cops helped us sort out who was at fault. Though our driver lamely suggested that the minivan was moving quite briskly, the investigating officer pointed out that whatever its speed, the minivan had right of way, and he issued a citation for failure to yield. His conclusion was hard to contradict.

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