Friday, February 6, 2009

Audi Superbowl Commercial With Jason Statham - Video - Full Version



Okay, who wants to wait for the Audi Superbowl commercial? Hmm… oh you don’t? If you want to see the new Audi Superbowl Commercial then you should NOT look below, you should wait until Superbowl Sunday! DO NOT scroll down and watch this video before Superbowl Sunday… if you do then your computer may explode!

The new Supercharged Audi A6 is showcased in the Audi Superbowl commercial. The actual slot for the commercial is supposed to be 60 seconds (1 minute) while this clip is only 30 seconds. Maybe we are missing something here.

Super Bowl Update:Full video included below from the Super Bowl XLIII.


[source: YouTube]

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